Loaded 1309

Ever want to know how much a stock 404 can carry?  This little “test” was made some years ago by Unipaser when we had a surplus of standard 16 inch CMUs (concrete block) lying about.  As you can see, they neatly filled the cargo bed, all 210 of them.  Weight of one CMU used was 26.4 lbs for a total of 5544 lbs.  The test drive with this payload was rather uneventful, however,  going over curbs and across ditches we did experience some fan blade contact with the radiator !  The normal disclaimers hold:  Professional driver, closed course.  Do not attempt this yourself, yada, yada.  The vehicle itself was a modest hybrid.  A standard 404 with high compression head, eqipped with 11:18 tires on Unimog 411 rims in the size of 9x18.  The military standard generator was replaced by a Bosch 24V alternator, thus dispensing with the military umbellical cord and voltage regulator.