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Welcome to United Parts Service, or Unipaser. 


Welcome to United Parts Service, or Unipaser. 

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With over 40 years of exposure and involvement with Unimogs, we hope you will find something of interest here. Our motto has been and will eternally remain “dedicated to the Unimog S404”. We have in this time period established a solid relationship with Mercedes Benz in Germany and can provide you with items for all models of the Unimog family of vehicles.

As our established customers agree, many of the items no longer offered by DB can be sourced within our inventory. Our Catalog Nr. 4 provides what we have for this model. Therein you will find not only what is currently available, but also reference material for those seeking historical reference or the one-off odd part thought to be non-existent. Account holders have free access to over 4,000 parts listed here as well as our specials section and Book Store.

We have been providing parts to municipalities, transit organizations, governmental agencies and businesses for decades. We continually receive inquiries for other Unimog models and we are always glad to help.

Since the beginning of production in 1950 under the Mercedes name, no less than 35 distinct families of the Unimog have emerged; from the 2010 to the U500. It is for this reason that in order to be able to correctly identify the parts you need, we will require your correct chassis, or VIN number.

Many of these vehicles have been in around for decades and there can be challenges when identifing items after OEM parts have been replaced with component assemblies, superseded parts and other non-standard items.