Mercedes Benz

Fasteners and Hardware

Fasteners and Hardware

DIN Standard fasteners and Hardware

Many items listed in this catalog are standard industrial fastener and hardware items.  The DIN (Deutsche Industrie Norm = German Industry Standard) nomenclature is used in some cases alone, and in some cases with the Mercedes numbers to assist the restorer in identifying the description of items such as nuts, bolts, lockwashers and the like. DIN standards, just like their SAE and ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials) counterparts cover a wide range of materials in addition to those used in the automotive industry.  Please be advised also that Mercedes often changes their part numbers for the same item.  There are numerous avenues through which the restorer can source items such as carriage bolts and other hardware and fastener items.  Unipaser stocks some of the more uncommon DIN standard items your local hardware store or supplier may not carry.  Examples being the transmission drive flange screws with a strength rating of 12.9 or shock absorber nuts and bolts of a sizeable 20mm diameter.

Although hardware and prices are indicated throughout the catalog,  refer to Group 19 for current hardware prices and place your hardware orders there, as they will override the prices indicated in the preceding groups.   Please be advised as well that in some cases, due to the relatively small quantities of DIN standard items used in the Unimog S, DIN numbers will appear only in the specific groups where they are used.  Future updates will facilitate this cross reference feature between specific groups and Group 19.

Lastly, and because of the fact that this catalog is based on the 1967 DIN program, some items may have changed the DIN category to which they belong.  An example here being DIN 63.  As well, with the appearance of the ISO standards with which the DIN has attempted to coordinate, some items may be found to be identical, but with modified standard numbers.