Mercedes Benz

Core Charges

Core Charges

Core exchange deposit charges on some parts and component assemblies are indicated in Catalog Nr 4 under the appropriate Groups.  The purchaser will receive a return of this core deposit when all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The exchange item is returned to Unipaser at the customer’s expense pursuant to the Returns section above.

The exchange item, on our inspection and in our sole opinion, is capable of being economically rebuilt, remanufactured, restored, or refurbished.  If we determine the part to be uneconomically returned to a serviceable condition, we will notify the customer of such determination and dispose of or return the exchange item to the customer as (s)he may direct.  Return shipment expense of the exchange core will be the responsibility of the customer. We consider this a win-win proposition, as you may receive credit for a part you no longer want to be concerned with, and at the same time will be making this part ultimately available for the next person in need thereof.  If you have ANY question regarding a certain part or assembly and its rebuild capability, call us prior to shipment so that we may discuss the details of your particular item.

  1. The exchange item is returned to Unipaser within 6 months of invoice date and original core charge.

Unipaser currently is accepting the following items:

Cylinder heads, with late valve arrangement

Clutch discs (early full circumference fiber construction)

Clutch discs (late sintered metal “button” construction)

Pressure plates, F+S KS 225 late production

Carburetors, complete, Zenith 32NDIX DB11

Fuel pumps, complete

Fuel tank selector valves

Water pumps, complete original vented models

Distributors, Standard Bosch shielded units (internal condenser cavity)

Distributors, standard Bosch unshielded vacuum advance types (call prior to shipment)

Starters, standard Bosch 24V military type units

Generators, standard Bosch military 24V shielded units

Transmissions, complete

Wheel brake cylinders 000 420 66 18 or 000 420 67 18 ATE or FAG units

Brake master cylinders, ATE or FAG manufacture