Part Numbering

A few words here about parts numbering and identification.  DB has, over the years, continually made parts number changes.  Mercedes parts numbers herein reflect the 1967 situation (with exceptions where more current information has been incorporated) and are being offered for reference purposes only.  If you have what you believe to be an original Mercedes, 10-digit part number for the S404, or any Unimog model, some patience is in order when referring to these numbers when making inquiries or ordering from Unipaser or any of the many vendors actively engaged in parts provision.   Often inquiries need be made to the parent company to verify part number, availability, and current price, as appropriate. Not only is there the Mercedes conduit from which this information has become public, but over the period of 60+ years other sources have as well compiled numbers that may or may not still be valid.  Some examples include:  The German, Swiss, French and Belgian armies; CASE Power equipment, the US DOD (for the U900 based SEE and HMMH tractors) and others.  We appreciate your patience.

Our own parts number system found in Catalog Nr 4. is rather straightforward and details may be found following the Catalog Forward menu tab  “HOW TO READ THIS CATALOG”